“La camera” (the bedroom) has always been a sacred marital place: the place where the union is celebrated.

A platform for the consumption and perpetuation of the union.

The Calitri Sponz Film Fest, in its first edition, offers the movie camera this theme of ‘the union’, of marriage in all of its forms;

The union of Heaven and Earth, of Cadmus and Harmonia, in village weddings, chemical unions of elements or even arboreal rites – and all of their ethical, civil and legal implications.

Even the music that accompanies this fundamental rite in a community is a possible focus: There are many possible routes to investigate the theme of the union.

These possibilities are what the festival is all about. Its purpose is to provide a meeting place for different cultures.
The festival will consist of a competition and public screenings in the heart of the artistic village of Calitri. Last August the small town established its very own union with Sponz Fest, facilitating an amazing gathering of energies and of community spirit.

The opening of Casa dell’Eco involved concerts, gatherings, traditional folk music, food, plays, meetings with “Cinema del Reale”, barbers’ serenades, and clandestine quadrilles. Just some examples of what the town has to offer.

The Film Festival wants to provide an opportunity for investigation and congregation. Currently Sponz Fest is the only one of this kind in Italy, it is expanding the possibilities of what a film festival has to offer.

It is a way to cast a glance, with the movie camera, on portrayals of ‘union’ in the Real and the True. That ancient mystery of how a rope made of several threads can better withstand life’s adversities.

Vinicio Capossela