Calitri Sponz Fest will mainly take place in two symbolic places of Calitri: la Casa dell’Eco and Borgo Castello.

Casa dell’Eco
Vinicio Capossela named Calitri Il paese dell’Eco, «Echo town». This name derives from the legendary Casa dell’Eca, a wide and welcoming hall in which all the town dwellers used to celebrate weddings sitting around long tables and dancing all day long.

Yet, that legendary halo goes beyond the wedding celebrations that took place there between the Fifties and the Eighties: la Casa dell’Eca represents a pagan temple in each Calitranis’ imagination, a temple made of fantasy and memories which highly influenced all its descendants.

This is why la Casa dell’Eca has recently become la Casa dell’Eco. The present-day Casa dell’Eco represents a commemorative place where old town stories still echo in there.

La Casa dell’Eco now hosts an interesting photo exhibition about wedding ceremonies and celebrations, Calitri sponzata. Foto di una comunità. The exhibition was inaugurated last year in August during Calitri Sponz Fest and has been financed by Gal Cilsi Association.

Borgo Castello
Borgo Castello is a recently restored area in the old part of the town, which carries over an ancient artistic heritage buried by several earthquakes. Borgo Castello dates back to the 13th century, when Frederick II was ruling over Southern Italy. During that time, the Castrum was erected, the famous Castle which the old town was built around.

In spite of the natural disasters which occurred over the centuries, Borgo Castello’s majesty does not seem to fade out. On the contrary, a governmental law in 1998 remarked its importance: the area was defined as a “precious and rare proof of the historical-architectural era between the building of the Castle and the 16th century”.

The redevelopment project of the Castrum ended in May, 2010. Borgo Castello Ceramics Museum was inaugurated in the same period.