To take part in the competition, the films must be up to 30 minutes long. They can be produced on film or any kind of digital media. The topic to be addressed is that of marriage.

The films should deal with and explore the theme of marriage in its broadest sense, the bridal role, the union between people or entities, the wedding ritual and its anthropological significance, together with music, photographic and literary traits.

The topic can be addressed in any way, be it serious or ironic, and any genre can be used (fiction, documentary, animation, etc.)
To participate, each entrant must fill in the online form ( or They should also upload at least 2 stills from the film or 2 backstage photos. For works in a foreign language (not Italian), an English or Italian subtitled copy and/or a timecoded dialogue list must be provided.

Precise and detailed information both about the author and the work is essential.

Terms & Regulation

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