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The “camera”, the room, is, and has always been, the sacred place of marriage, the place of the celebration of the union.

The altar of the consumption and perpetuation of the union.

The Calitri Sponz Film Fest, in its first edition, wants to offer the movie camera the theme of the union, of marriage in all of its forms.

The marriage of Heaven and Earth, Cadmo and Armonia’s, weddings in the villages, chemical unions of elements, arboreal rites that celebrate the marriage with a graft. Their ethical, civil and legal implications.

The music that accompanies this fundamental rite in a community. There are many possibilities to investigate the rituals of the union.

These possibilities are the scope to which the festival is directed, whose purpose is to be a meeting place for different cultures.

The event includes a contest and public screenings in the heart of an imaginative village, Calitri, that last year in August already offered itself as the village of the marriage with Sponz Fest, a lucky and amazing meeting of energies and community spirit.

The opening of Casa dell’Eco, the concerts, the meetings, the traditional folk music, the food, the plays, the meetings with “Cinema del Reale”, the exposure of sheets, the barber’s serenades, the clandestine quadrilles were some of the dishes offered on the table of the town, dressed up as a wedding banquet.

The Film Fest wants to be an occasion of deeper investigation and meeting, actually widening this event, currently the only one of this kind in Italy.

A way to cast a glance, with the movie camera, on the Real and the True, that disclose themselves in the union. That ancient mystery whereby a rope made of several wires holds better to life’s adversities.

Vinicio Capossela

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